Thursday, July 31, 2008

Catchy name, wa?

But really, I sat at my computer for literally days trying to come up with a URL for this site. Its not like I was being all that picky either. I just wanted something, anything really. So eventually I came across something that 1) wasn't already taken and 2) actually had some personal relevance for me. So I finally had a URL and could start blogging but then I had to come up with a name for this blog. And so here I am with my oh so boring blog title and Im wondering how long it will last. Given my blogging history, probably not long.

But in the spirit of trying not to bore anyone that happens to read this to death, I will accept it for now and move along. Im not exactly sharing the existence of this blog with anyone that I may actually know in person so Im really not sure if it will ever be read. But that is not the point, not for me anyway. Of course I would love to have a following of loyal readers that check their rss feeds multiple times each day hoping for a new post. I am one of those loyal readers when it comes to the blogs that I have to the right over there. But alas, I shall remain reader deprived for some time anyway. What I was trying to get to though was how this little blog came to be. And I shall tell you...

About 5 years ago I started to read Indigo Girl all the way over at iparenting. She was pregnant with twins and I was expecting my second little boy. Through her I found Swistle who I have been reading for about a year or so. Well a few months back Swistle decided to have a pay-it-forward contest and invited the whole blogging world to join in. Oh and did they ever! I would say there are at least hundreds of pifs now in existence because of this woman... But anyway, back to the story. At the time I was about to have my fourth baby and deal with a move so I felt that I wasn't able to really participate in any of the pif contests offered and because I didn't have my own blog, I couldn't do my own. This got me to thinking though that maybe I could start my own blog and after months of contemplating, here we are. So that brings me to my own contest which will be happening next week sometime. To get this blog started in the meantime though Im going to challenge myself to a post or two each day...yah, that'll happen!