Monday, February 15, 2010


My grandfather passed last Tuesday evening in Ontario. My brothers and I got the call late Tuesday night and weren't able to get on a flight until early Thursday morning. The next few days were physically exhausting and emotionally draining as we went through the business of a wake, funeral, burial and various family gatherings. I arrived home around 1am Saturday night and other than a couple hours to clean the kitchen and grocery shop, I've been in bed. The exhaustion that Im feeling is more than trying to catch up on missed sleep or the fatigue that comes from travelling. Im trying to get back to normal, but it's slow going.

Jason's been wonderful and the kids have been surprisingly good. I don't have to go back to work until tomorrow, which is really good because I'd be useless anyway. Even the thought of having to pick up a skating helmet for Micah tonight seems so overwhelming.

I wasn't super close to my grandfather. We've lived in different provinces for over 8 years and I only visited him once during that time. Growing up though, he only lived a few streets away and I saw him nearly every day. He is the person I think of when I hear the words grandpa or grandfather or papa, like I used to call him. I named my son after him. He meant a lot to me, even though I really didn't know very much about his final years. He will be missed.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Kelly wrote today about simple pleasures in her life, which got me thinking about what I enjoy in my every day life. Seeing as how it's 10:50pm and Im trying to do NaBloPoMo for both of my blogs this month, I thought, "what the heck? Im already listing them off in my head, might as well post them." But boy was I wrong. The first few were easy and didn't even take any effort to think up, but after 5 or so, I really had to think. Maybe it's time I spend a little more time being grateful for my life.

So the list:

Owen's smile and simple "hi!" when I walk through the door. He's becoming more vocal and affectionate and it just melts my heart!

Hugs from Micah, my oldest. This is a new, rare treat and I can't help but wonder how many more of those Ill get.

Walking into work in the mornings feeling like Im doing something good for both me and for all of those moms Im helping to give a voice to.

Reading a book or watching a movie in bed, alone.

Jamie coming into bed in the middle of the night because he still NEEDS me. I miss waking up to the older two snuggling close to me.

Sit-down family dinners

My weekly women's group

Cuddling in front of the fire with my hunny, watching tv

Jamie's laugh

A clean kitchen

A really good cup of tea

Soft, smooth hair after a good cut

The satisfaction of sewing Bunny, Noah's current favorite stuffed animal. This is actually what I just spent the last 15 minutes doing. Bunny has been sewed so many times, there isn't much left to attach the thread to! Noah just loves him so much though and I know that in the morning his eyes will light up and his heart will swell with love. Just having the privilege to sew this stuffed bunny for my kid is something so simple, yet so amazing to me.

Total time: 16 minutes

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Making the most of it

Today Im working from home, thanks to the lovely tonsil infection I can't seem to get rid of. Im not too upset about being home, I can acutally get a lot more done when I dont have to worry about driving. Instead my biggest issue is the screams and constant commotion coming from downstairs, thanks to my two oldest. See, when Im sick to the point that Im not well enough to go to work, Im also not well enough to drive all over the city. On any normal working day I spend 3+ hours driving not only myself, but all five other members of my family to their destinations. Im not about to deal with that when my body seems to be revolting. So, the kids get an extra day to their weekend and I get the fun of dealing with them.

Both James and Owen are stick as well so their actually the easy ones, needing only cuddles, juice and tissues.

I was two hours into working when I realised how silly my desk looked. Why yes, that is a light saber! And also a whole jar of peanut butter with what looks like a spoon but is actually a knife to spread the PB on the crackers, just out of view! See also, xbox game, tissues, empty coffee and coke cups and child's halloween notepad.

Today Im operating on the wise parenting philosophy of whatever works.

How's your Monday going?

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