Monday, February 1, 2010

Making the most of it

Today Im working from home, thanks to the lovely tonsil infection I can't seem to get rid of. Im not too upset about being home, I can acutally get a lot more done when I dont have to worry about driving. Instead my biggest issue is the screams and constant commotion coming from downstairs, thanks to my two oldest. See, when Im sick to the point that Im not well enough to go to work, Im also not well enough to drive all over the city. On any normal working day I spend 3+ hours driving not only myself, but all five other members of my family to their destinations. Im not about to deal with that when my body seems to be revolting. So, the kids get an extra day to their weekend and I get the fun of dealing with them.

Both James and Owen are stick as well so their actually the easy ones, needing only cuddles, juice and tissues.

I was two hours into working when I realised how silly my desk looked. Why yes, that is a light saber! And also a whole jar of peanut butter with what looks like a spoon but is actually a knife to spread the PB on the crackers, just out of view! See also, xbox game, tissues, empty coffee and coke cups and child's halloween notepad.

Today Im operating on the wise parenting philosophy of whatever works.

How's your Monday going?

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Amanda said...

Hey, what ever works! I love it :) Life is so much easier when you let whatever just roll off. I know it can't always be that way, but maybe someday ;) I hope ya feel better soon!!