Saturday, January 30, 2010

My oh my it's been awhile since I posted. This whole working outside the home thing is kicking my butt, big time. But Im enjoying it so it's OK. The work week flies by and we really enjoy our weekends at home. It's crazy but I feel like we are spending more quality time together now that we see a lot less of each other. So all things considered, it's going well.

But then there's this blog and my other one. I have to plan ahead just to have a couple hours on Tuesday nights to go to my women's group, which seems to be my limit of personal time each week. I mean right now, I've started to paint two different spaces of the house and then stopped. I could finish them, but Im kind of bouncing around to different things today and right now, Im just not feeling it. Maybe tomorrow I'll get both of them done which would be nice, because that means two more things to write about on my other blog. Im seriously that hard up. I've had a million posts lined up for both of them but when I think about the effort of writing that stuff, I get a little scared. Ah well, priorities, right?

So anywho, thinking back over the last month or so, the biggest thing that stands out is the addition of my new niece! I dont know if Melissa has written anything about it because I do not have access to her blogs anymore. We've barely spoke since last June, but I did get a chance to go by the hospital when the new little miss was born. I cant tell you how precious she is! Squee, Im positively delighted! And now I want another one. I girl this time, please.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not friggin likely! Four is enough, even if they're all boys.

So to recap; veeeeery busy, happy, new niece, wanting another babes, seriously considering permanent birth control.

The end.

How was your January?

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Amanda said...

That's great to hear about Melissa! She hasn't posted much, but its great to hear her litle girl has arrived :)

Yes, working full time, having a family and a home can take a lot out of you. Its great that the weekends are working great for you and your family for that quality time! Take care :)