Wednesday, January 6, 2010

game nights

This past week, we've implemented an almost nightly game night. Every night before the kids get ready for bed, whoever is available sits down to play a game together. Sometimes that includes all of us, and other times it's just me and the kids or Micah and Noah by themselves. It's been great!

When we moved into this house, we ended up throwing out most of our board games because they were damaged and had so many pieces missing. So this year we made that a priority for Christmas and asked other people to give the kids games as well. I must say that we've done well. After having only three or four games mostly suited for adults, we're a little overwhelmed with all the choices of things to play now.

The Muddled Sage wrote a post a few days ago about her family's favorite board games and so I thought I'd do the same. So far we haven't had the chance to play all of them yet, but I'll still show you what we have.
Zooreka. We've had this game for a year or two and we all enjoy it. The boys can all play it too, which is nice when they're so different in ages.
Scrabble. I actually just bought this for Jason for Christmas. I had a coupon so it ended up only costing me about $2.00 We've played it the last couple of nights after the boys go to bed and it's a lot more enjoyable then I thought it would be. Jason and I usually end up laughing like a couple of kids by the time we're done.
Basttleship. This is one of those games that I can remember playing as a kid and thought the boys would enjoy too. I don't actually remember if we gave this to them or Santa. Hmm....

Thomas' Great Race James got this for Christmas from his grandparents but we haven't played it yet.

Simpsons Monopoly We've had this one for years and it has somehow stayed intact.

An Evening of Murder This is one of those Murder Mystery games. We bought it in the fall but haven't found 6 people brave enough to play it with yet.

Mr Bucket. We gave this one to Jamie this Christmas as well, but still have yet to play it.

Monopoly City is probably one of the most asked for games so far, but once again haven't tried it.

We actually bought Jenga for Micah for Christmas but then Jason's aunt gave the kids a set as well so we just popped ours in the neighbors' kid's gift bag.

Frogger DVD game. I don't even know what this one is about!Earth DVD Game. Same as the Frogger one. I don't even know where these came from, only that they were here on boxing day.

Chess. Micah got this for Christmas, except a bit nicer of a set that he keeps on his shelf in his room.

Hedbanz is seriously fun. The first time we played was with Jason's brother and it was the funniest thing to see him with a cow stuck to his forehead and Jason with a pickle!

Gator Golf. Jamie actually picked this up today with Christmas money from Jason's mom. All the kids love it, even if they do spend most of the time riding the clubs like they're on a horse.

Cranium, Family. We still haven't been able to play this one because it's a little old for our boys. We may be able to pill it out in a year or two though, which would be great.

Cranium, The Ex and I used to play this with friends a few years back and we always had fun. Jason and I are thinking about starting up another game night with friends. This would be a definite hit if we did.
Clue. My all time favorite game. I used to play this with my friend Mary when I was a kid and have kept one for the last few years in my bedroom closet.


St said...

I love board games! We got scrabble slam and I love playing with adults but I also play with my first grader. Instead of racing through the cards though we take turns making words. We also got monopoly deal which is fun.

Amanda said...

We love board games too! We usually play when Zack is here or when we are camping. I can't wait until Drew starts to play :)

Astarte said...

That Headbandz one looks really hysterical!!!! I think we may have to pick that one up.