Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snow Day

I heard yesterday that we were expecting 10cm of snow in our area today. This isn't much for us, but it registered in my mind. The school district has been leaning towards closing schools as opposed to keeping them open so far this year when it comes to weather, so I was sure to check their website before waking the kids today.

Even after dropping them off at school and coming home over slightly snow-covered roads, I was a little surprised that classes were going ahead. We've brought them to school in conditions so much worse than today. But I guess I just had a bit of intuition because I just saw on facebook that the schools are closing for the afternoon.

What gets me about these situations is that parents are now going to have to leave work and drive over busy, snowy roads to pick up their kids when they could have dealt with the situation this morning. For us, that would have meant staying home and digging out the driveway this evening when the snow stopped. Instead, we now have to risk snowy roads (albeit well-kept, snowy roads) to pick up kids after 2.5 hours of class.

Either way, I should be happy

It's a snow day!

Monday, January 23, 2012

My new obsession

No, not Jason...

So something I haven't mentioned on here yet is that Jason and I are getting married. He proposed on December 9th and we quickly followed that up with ring shopping. He was able to pick up my engagement ring later in the month and we made it official on Christmas morning.

So now, ever since, I've been obsessed with wedding planning. We're getting married in the fall so there really isn't much time to put everything together. I know that many people have smaller engagements but some have much longer ones too!

Many of the vendors we've contacted were already booked for our date and we lost out on our chosen venue by two days. It's been tough. We've safely navigated through those problems and tomorrow will secure our reception venue. Until then, I'll leave you with some of my inspiration pics that I've been happily pinning!

Three year old love

On Saturday, Owen was watching me get ready for his cousin's birthday party. Everyone else was ready and I was just finishing up my mascara when he starts in with "...go Mommy go! Go Mommy Go! Good job, Mommy."

Nothing like a little encouragement from a three year old.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So apparently I still have work to do


I thought that once I decided to come back to blogging and actually posted such on here that I would keep up with it. Daily. Uh? That was two days ago!

I started a post, got one paragraph in and then haven't been back since.

So, let's try this again. For at least this week and next, I have my mornings free to blog while the two littles are busy with their toys and things. I'll be sure to use this time to get back into the groove of writing blog posts.

As any blogger knows, writing for a blog is different than writing for another medium. Thinking in posts is something that happened to me when this little corner was being visited hundreds more times each day than it is now. Obviously, there's a correlation there somewhere! :)

My goal while I re-build is to post more often then once each day but for now, Ill settle for a regular morning post. Sound good?

Monday, January 16, 2012


It has obviously been awhile since I blogged regularly. Working full time outside the home proved to be more difficult than I had experienced before, especially without a partner.

Things are very different now in ways I can't begin to explain in a single post. So for now, I will say that I am back. I now have a large amount of time that I can work with to fit blogging into and I am excited to see what that means for this little old blog. My other blog decidedly domestic will also see some new activity as I pour a little more energy into preserving my family history and connecting with the online community that I cherish so much.

It's good to be back!