Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snow Day

I heard yesterday that we were expecting 10cm of snow in our area today. This isn't much for us, but it registered in my mind. The school district has been leaning towards closing schools as opposed to keeping them open so far this year when it comes to weather, so I was sure to check their website before waking the kids today.

Even after dropping them off at school and coming home over slightly snow-covered roads, I was a little surprised that classes were going ahead. We've brought them to school in conditions so much worse than today. But I guess I just had a bit of intuition because I just saw on facebook that the schools are closing for the afternoon.

What gets me about these situations is that parents are now going to have to leave work and drive over busy, snowy roads to pick up their kids when they could have dealt with the situation this morning. For us, that would have meant staying home and digging out the driveway this evening when the snow stopped. Instead, we now have to risk snowy roads (albeit well-kept, snowy roads) to pick up kids after 2.5 hours of class.

Either way, I should be happy

It's a snow day!

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