Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So apparently I still have work to do


I thought that once I decided to come back to blogging and actually posted such on here that I would keep up with it. Daily. Uh? That was two days ago!

I started a post, got one paragraph in and then haven't been back since.

So, let's try this again. For at least this week and next, I have my mornings free to blog while the two littles are busy with their toys and things. I'll be sure to use this time to get back into the groove of writing blog posts.

As any blogger knows, writing for a blog is different than writing for another medium. Thinking in posts is something that happened to me when this little corner was being visited hundreds more times each day than it is now. Obviously, there's a correlation there somewhere! :)

My goal while I re-build is to post more often then once each day but for now, Ill settle for a regular morning post. Sound good?

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