Sunday, June 14, 2009

So I deleted my post from yesterday. Mostly because I realised that it was written from a place of hurt and anger and really none of you needed to read it. In it though I mentioned how I was feeling towards Melissa and she feels that I painted her in the wrong light. My rant was not about her and I don't think that I said anything about who Melissa is or what kind of person she was. I only said to her that I was hurt and upset by her actions, along with those of my other SIL. I purposefully left the specifics about Melissa and I out of it so as not to cause trouble within the blogging circle that we find ourselves. She however now feels that she needs to delete her blog because she didn't have the chance to explain. That is really too bad and not what I meant to have happen. But it is her choice and I will not interfere. This is my blog, just as both of my SILs had their own blogs, and we can write in them how we feel. I stand by words as I feel that I was entitled to them after all that happened. Im just sorry that Melissa feels that she must remove herself from blogging as a result.


Mommy Daisy said...

I'm sorry that there have been problems in the family. I'll pray that they all get worked out for everyone.

Astarte said...

What a mess. :(