Friday, July 23, 2010


Everyday I deal with pee in various ways.
Sounds gross already, doesn't it?
Today for example, I went into our main bathroom, beside my bedroom and found a large puddle making it's may to the door. Definitely pee. I didn't even have to check, Im that used to it. No one claimed responsibility.

Maybe an hour later, same bathroom; pee all over the toilet seat. This time I know it's my 6 year old's. He cleans it himself.

Through-out the day I performed the normal diaper changes for my 2 year old.

While sitting in my formal living room this afternoon, I noticed a smell that had been around for a couple of days. This smell (of pee) seemed to be coming from a chair we keep in the corner near the window. This same chair was a favorite spot for my now 3 year old when he was potty training but hadn't smelled previously. Upon further inspection, I find the cat bed which lays behind the chair, directly on the hardwood to be soaking with cat pee.

After experiencing a little fit over that *** who doesn't clean the damn cat box when he is supposed to, I sent the older two kids to clean their disgusting rooms. What emerged, was insanity. Pee soaked clothes headed for the laundry probably days after being soiled, wet spots on the carpet from either the above mentioned clothes or from cats looking for a clean (ha!) spot, and bed sheets which were not wet but had that distinct smell. DISGUSTING!

Then to top it all off, (and they're not even in bed yet) my two year old fell asleep in my bed this afternoon and woke with a soaked through diaper.

Between four boys and three cats, it's amazing I still have my sanity.

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Tmy said...

bahahahahahahahaha i lOOVEE this hahaha