Monday, February 7, 2011

The saved quarter challenge:laundry

Penny is talking about ways to save money on laundry over at The Saved Quarter this week and I have to admit, there are a few things that I could improve on.
I already use only cold water, use less detergent than recommended, wear my clothes 2-3 times before washing them and do all of my laundry back to back.
I am guilty though of forgetting about a stray load in the washing machine and having to re-wash it later and I have never used a clothes line. It's too cold here now to get much dried outside, but I think I may actually use one come spring. I have one in the back yard and I have clothespins, I've just never bothered.
I also plan to look into the dryer ball that Penny recommended. Owen has extremely sensitive skin and unless I can find some alternative to sheets or bars, my clothes will continue to be static.
But for what I AM doing and have been doing for awhile, that wasn't mentioned? I buy up detergent when it's on a deep sale. Last month I bought four bottles of the detergent that we use at $2.99 each. Given my son's sensitive skin, I have to buy a brand that is a bit more expensive than the others and so this was a great deal! Each bottle lasts about a month and that's for my family of 5, plus my brother's laundry. Four months of expensive detergent for $12 is my way to save a little on laundry. What's yours?


The Saved Quarter said...

That is a great deal! I'll be posting about detergent later in the week, but knowing what works best for you and buying it on a deep discount is a great way to stretch your dollars.

Mandi said...

I agree, great deal find! It's hard not to go overboard on deals like that, but remember it will go on sale again and you can get a few more bottles then.

I haven't used an outdoor line, but this entire summer and fall we were without a dryer so we used the shower curtain rod to hang clothes up on (with hangers) as well the rod in our laundry room. Takes a while to dry, but we certainly saved money!