Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pizza Party: Photo Op

One thing I've wanted to do with many of our past parties is a picture board thing. I have no idea what these are called, but I think they are so cute!

Jason was able to grab a piece of scrap wood and make a simple frame so that it would stand up. Once I decided what to paint onto it, he cut out the hole for the face and gave it a good wipe down.

I searched online and found a few inspiration pictures, but really, I just improvised. I had drawn a similar picture in pencil first to get an idea of proportions, but it was really just a matter of 'let's see what happens!'

Coupled with the moustaches, I think it turned out completely adorable. In the end, the materials were free and the painting took about 5-6 hours total. For such a neat little party activity (as well as a piece of decor) I feel it was well worth it. Plus, the other side is still blank and can be painted however I want for the next go!

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