Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pizza Party: A Different Kind of Cake

It may be obvious from Noah's choice of party theme that his favorite food is Pizza! While this is absolutely true, he also loves Pizza in all other forms. So when he first asked for a Pizza Party, his only request was that he have a candy pizza as well.

Because there were a number of people invited that may not enjoy such a treat, I also decided to make cupcakes. Coupled together and our unusual cake table was born:

The cupcakes are of the homemade apple cinnamon variety with store-bought cream cheese icing. I had originally planned to put little slices of gummy pizza on top of the sticks, but I like how these turned out.
I had ordered striped paper straws from an etsy store and the owner included pdfs of a bunch of straw toppers. I chose the ones I wanted and printed them out at home. They were also really easy to put together. The paper wrappers went with the checkered tablecloths, and mostly matched the color scheme.

The candy pizza is a treat that Ive made Noah before on his birthday. This is a kid that doesn't like cake, or pie for that matter. So, we improvise. The base is a giant chocolate chip cookie spread with cream cheese icing (usually there is a layer of cherry pie filling, but I skipped it this time) and topped with candies of your choosing. We used nerds and runts.

Noah's silly face. That child never just smiles for the camera!

James enjoying his cupcake

The sign reads "Noah says....Who wants cake when you can have pizza?" I had different signs made from paper plates around the house all beginning with "Noah says..."

Have you ever created a non-cake? What was your favorite?

All pictures are by Enlightened Photography

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