Tuesday, March 12, 2013

21.5 weeks

As I had predicted, I missed last week's pregnancy update. Though there really wasn't much to say.

Im 21.5 weeks today and other than baby movements, I don't feel very pregnant. I still only see the doctor every 4 weeks, so between appointments, I just go about my daily life. My energy is mostly normal these days, though if my sleep is interrupted at all, I have a really hard time.

One thing I have noticed, is that my usual food preferences have returned. I've always just kind of eaten what I wanted. There have been times in my life where Im satisfied with half a sandwich or a yogurt for lunch and other times where I find myself going to the fridge two or three times in an hour. I eat what looks good and listen to how much my body wants.

During the beginning of every pregnancy, my appetite has always dropped. I spend the first few months eating quite healthy because those are the foods my body is craving. Between the two preferences, I always feel like Im doing really good. During this pregnancy, I couldn't stand to drink any pop or eat any junk food. Coffee, ice cream and large portions went out the window.

But now it's all back! Waaahh!

I was happy to be free of those food preferences and to be eating healthier. It bothers me that I prefer now to grab a can of coke than a bottle of water. Hopefully this too will pass and Ill get back to wanting real food again.

My eating is not what this post is supposed to be about though! Last week we went to get an ultrasound done again of baby because we couldn't get the measurements we needed the first time. When the tech finished up, I asked her what gender she thought the baby might be. During all 20 or so ultrasounds I've had in the past, I've always been asked if I wanted to know. This tech said that because I didn't mention it, she didn't even look! I was like, oh heck no! We wanna know! And, the results are........

closed legs and a cord in the way!
Not really! Well, actually yes, but she also saw a little somethin' and pronounced us to be having a little girl!!! We are soooo excited and can't wait to welcome baby Lillian this summer!

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