Friday, January 25, 2013

First Day

Owen had his first session of Kinderstart today.

In our province, kids attend 4-6 Kinderstart sessions the year prior to attending Kindergarten. It allows them to meet their new teacher, see their classroom, get a feel for what their days will be like and interact with the other children. We didn't have anything like it where I grew up, but it really is a fantastic program in terms of transition.

In the hour that Owen was there he played with a stamp set and did some building with blocks. Then had a bit of circle/story time, followed by station activities. He was able to finish all the crafts/ assignments before the time was up but the poor kid was tired. By the end of it, all he wanted to do was sit on Daddy's lap while the other kids sang a goodbye song. Perhaps we'll work on taking our time when doing things in the future! ;)

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