Saturday, February 2, 2013

16 weeks

Im thinking that maybe Ill do an update each week, as this pregnancy progresses. With my blogging history though, let's not depend on that too much!

Im 16 weeks as of Today which firmly plants me in the second trimester. Im still a little uneasy regarding miscarriage because it would have been around this time that I lost my 3rd pregnancy 8 years ago. There are absolutely no signs that this will happen but it's how my mind works.

Im feeling really good and have been for awhile. The first indication that I was pregnant was how yucky I was feeling back in the fall but thankfully that went away in December. Ever since, it's been pretty smooth sailing. I get tired in the early afternoons and nap when I can, but that's not too often ;)

Mentally I've noticed a change though. I no longer have the focus that I had regarding almost anything. I find it hard to spend hours on my computer writing content for my website or putting together inspiration boards for parties. The things that I would normally have enjoyed feel like a burden and I end up doing bits and pieces throughout the day. This may become a problem given that my business is so new that it needs a lot of time investment right now.

As for baby, he/she is a wiggly little one. I've heard the heartbeat twice now but both times it was moving so much the doc had a hard time keeping with it. I've started to feel little flutters but nothing big enough to be a definite kick.

Baby should be measuring about 10cm from head to bum or about the size of an avocado. It's fun to think that most of this baby is already formed at this point, but just needs to grow and fine tune!

I'm still just shy of three weeks before we get to find out what we're having. The waiting is the most difficult part and Im just hoping that these next few weeks fly by.

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