Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Mom Game

While sick last week, I didn't even bring the kids to school for three straight days.

In light of this, I was a little apprehensive when planning the current week's schedule. Tuesday was pancake day, Wednesday the 100th day of school for the middle two and today is Valentines day. Just getting us back into the routine of packing lunches and leaving on time would have probably been sufficient, but so not fun!

So I trucked along with my plans. I bought eggs on Tuesday and made sure we had some yummy bacon. I didn't go so far as to put coins in our pancakes (I find that weird), but we had whipped cream and berries to go with. The kids enjoyed eating breakfast for dinner and I enjoyed feeling like I was back on my mom game.

I put some of the extra pancake batter into a squeeze bottle that evening and pre-made some "100" shaped pancakes for breakfast the next morning. Micah's should have really said "99," but he didn't mind! We also peeled and stuck 100 little stones onto shirts for the boys. Definitely proud of pulling that one off!

Wednesday ended up being super easy with the premade pancakes and t-shirts. Anything else the kids were doing for their 100th day celebrations were strictly in-class, so I was off the hook. I did however, make sure to pull out the heart shaped egg pans for this morning and to buy some fun cookies for their lunches.

James woke me up early this morning so I was able to pack lunches and set the table before anyone else stirred. The eggs cooked up quick and the kids were all smiles with their little treats at the table. I even remembered to send along the valentines we've been putting together over the last few weeks for the middle boys and Micah's 100th day lego project.

As for my sweetie, we made sure to leave 10 minutes earlier this morning so we could stop and get him a coffee from Tim Hortons. He always enjoys that in the mornings but we're usually too rushed and I hate spending the $. It sure makes for an easy way to show him I love him though, when we do make the effort.

Now that it's all said and done, I can breath a sigh of relief and say we made it! We'll have some heart-sprinkled cupcakes for dessert tonight and Jay and I will hang out together but otherwise, this week and it's special days has been accomplished!

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