Sunday, December 7, 2008


Leah isn't expected to make it.

On Friday, when I wrote my last entry, Leah had a heart attack. Her body is full of toxins because of the kidney failure, so they have some sort of tube in her stomach to help remove some of it. Other than that, we do not know anything else about her condition.

My mom went to talk with Leah's grandmother today and found out some more details that we didn't know before. Because my brother was so young they didn't want to tell him that Leah only had a week to live when she left for her surgery. It was to the point that they couldn't not do it because she was having heart failure every couple of days. Anyway, her grandmother today said that it looks so bad that we probably wont see her again before her funeral. As I write those words, Im just blown away by them. Not since I was a small child have I had one of my peers die and Im so shaken up over this. She is still here, and she is hanging on so we need to keep up hope.

My brother's boss offered to pay for a flight for him to Montreal to see her but my parents declined the offer because we don't know anyone there other than Leah's parents. With a dying daughter they don't need to be worried about my brother and where he would sleep and all that. So instead we are hoping that she will at least hang on until next week when my parents can drive my brother there. They leave on Sunday for their move anyway and planned to go right through Montreal so as long as she can hold on, my brother will at least get to see her one more time. Oh my God, One more time? How can this even be?

I remember when my grandmother died I spent a long time afterwards hoping that everything was a dream and that I would wake up and she would still be here (I was 8). I feel the same way now. Oh God, please let her come home.


Kristi said...

I don't even know what to say. I am so sorry for what y'all are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with y'all in this tough time.

Mommy Daisy said...

I am so sorry to hear this. How sad. I will pray for this girl, your brother, and all the other family and friends around her.

Astarte said...

Oh, no. I have been praying for her, and your brother, every day. I am so devastated to hear about this. No wonder she didn't look too happy in the pictures - did she know, too, and just didn't tell him as well?

Cherish said...

From the impression that my mom got, Leah didnt know how bad her condition was. It is possible that she knew, but we really have no idea. She was very scared in those pictures anyway just because of the surgery.

Amanda said...

Such a heartbreaking story. But, the good thing is that Leah found love with your brother in her life. How many people can say that being so young? I'm still sending my blessings to everyone in hopes that your brother can see her for one last time. Best wishes!