Friday, December 5, 2008

We need your help

My youngest brother is 17 and is involved with his first girlfriend Leah. Leah has an extremely rare heart condition where only three people have been diagnosed with it. The other two didnt make it past the first few years of life and Leah wasnt supposed to either. Despite all odds she has thrived and led a mostly normal life.

A couple months ago, she flew to Montreal for some heart tests which revealed that she needed another surgery. Her pacemaker had to be replaced and there was something else too, but I dont know the details. Anyway, she flew back a couple weeks ago for her surgery and has been in an induced coma ever since. Her heart has just not been strong enough to handle waking her up yet.

Yesterday Leah's kidneys failed and he had to have her heart shocked three times last night. Her sister flew up last night as well to join her parents and be with Leah. My brother was just told this morning and I havent spoken with him yet. I know he loves this girl so much. Leah is just the sweetest most precious girl you could ever meet and this is really hitting everyone hard. We dont know if she will hang on much longer.

Please pray or whatever it is you believe in for Leah and her family. Pray that she makes it through and that her heart becomes strong enough to let her have a normal life again. Im just trying to believe and trust in God, but Im also feeling very low right now.
Those pictures were taken when Leah left for the airport to go have her surgery.


Amanda said...

I will definitly send my blessings her way and to everyone involved!

Astarte said...

Oh, NO. And look how happy he looks here, too. Oh, I will definitely pray for her, and for your family, too.