Monday, October 18, 2010

A Halloween "Boo"

Nothing has been decided regarding Micah's costume issue. Im still hoping he'll figure it out himself in the next week or so. Jamie however came home from Grandma's yesterday with three more costumes. He already had three (hand-me-down) to choose from! Maybe I should create a costume box in the little's room for year-round dress up?


Have you heard of a "Halloween Boo?"

Linda talked about it last year and I sooo wanted to do it, but for one reason or another it didn't happen. So when she posted last week about this years' boo, I went for it.

After school on Thursday, we stopped by the dollar store to pick up a few things. I found that spider web paper and printed the poem, instructions and 'boo' sign on it. Other things that were included: chocolate, candies, chips, sitckers, halloween mug with individual hot chocolate, decorations and a few spiders and bugs thrown in for good measure.

Then Micah and his friend Lucas (in the front)* waited for dark to deliver them. We specifically chose two families that have lots of children and that we don't know very well. The third went to our 10 year old neighbour who loves Halloween.

Our neighbour caught them but the other two houses probably have no idea who sent them their 'Boo's! I chose the houses I did in hopes that they would carry on the fun and deliver more 'Boo's to the rest of the street. Jason was skeptical. He doesn't think a lot of parents would go through the effort. I hope he's wrong.

This morning while driving the kids to school, I got my first indicator that this might actually work: All three houses had their 'Boo' signs taped to their doors! That's step one! I can only hope that they're planning the who and the what for their own night-time game.

*Why is Lucas in so many of our pictures? I've probably posted three or four of this kid so far on this blog!

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