Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saying Goodbye

The bigs will be saying goodbye to their classmates tomorrow for the last time. On Monday they begin at a new school, one that's only 2km away instead of the next city over.

Understandably, they're upset, nervous, anxious, excited and nonchalant about the whole thing. It varies.

We moved to our current house over a year ago and have been driving about 35-40 minutes in both the morning and afternoon to get to/from school. Thankfully spaces have opened up for both boys in their grades and in the French Immersion programs at the closer school at a perfect time.

As of Monday, we wont have a vehicle so school would have been impossible otherwise.

So we're embracing the change and hoping for the best. To say goodbye and because their last day lands on the same day as their Halloween parties, we're sending these cute little pumpkin goodbyes.

The goodbye notes weren't printed when I took these pictures but I'll probably tie a ribbon to secure the notes to the suckers. Use your imagination.

The idea came from here, although I didn't use the same supplies. I didn't want to spend too much after having to already buy the suckers, so I used what was around the house.

First, to make the tissue paper stick and not rip off the suckers right away, I cut small pieces of tape and punctured holes for the sticks to slide through. The sticky part is on the outside.

Then I slid small circles of tissue paper up and over each sucker.

*I just caught my 2 year old on his way up the stairs with a package of hot dogs saying "I want mutturd!" *

Wrapped a small piece of tape around the top...

Followed by a piece if green tissue for the stem. I found it easier to roll a tiny piece of tape first and stick it to one end before wrapping to keep the stem in place. Then when it was wrapped, it had something to stick to.

The boys put faces on them...

And we ended up with these...

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