Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Wow. Life changes so fast. This year has gone by in seconds, even with it's ups and downs. Or maybe because of them.

As I mentioned, Jason has continued to live here for the last 8 months because of financial reasons. We both knew that the time was getting close and that he would soon find a place so we've been preparing. The other night we sat down together and looked through online ads for apartments. For the last couple of years in our area, there's been a housing shortage so prices are steep and Jason gets intimidated easily. So in the interest of keeping my sanity, I helped him contact the agents and set up appointments. As of yesterday afternoon, he finally has a new apartment.

It's bittersweet. Not because there's any sort of emotional attachment left, but because we've stayed very intertwined through all of this. I no longer have a car so we've been sharing his santa fe. He is practically allergic to grocery stores, so I do all the shopping. This is coming to an end.

We have to find new ways of doing things. I can no longer ask him to look after all the things around the house that I need done or get him to clean the cat boxes. Nor can I rely on him to watch the kids while I go to class or bring them to their lessons. It's going to be different.

But my biggest worry was the kids' school. When we moved from a neighboring city last year, I contacted the local french immersion school but was told there was no room in the program. I had to wait until spots opened up for both of my school aged children. so I waited.

I've talked with the principal and other administrative staff many times over the last 14 months and finally after finding out yesterday that I'll soon be without a vehicle, they suddenly had spots open up in both 1st and 4th grade. God is amazing.

The school is still 2km away, although Im hoping there's some sort of a path that connects some streets in between. We could shave off nearly half of that distance if I can find one. So that'll be my mission for the next couple of weeks. Along with getting Jason to finish up what he can around here, helping him pack and move, getting the kids things settled to switch school in the middle of a term and figuring out my new budget. The loss of Jason's financial contribution will definitely make a difference but wont be devastating. Im still hoping to put a little aside each month towards a car so that by the time winter really hits, the kids wont be walking.

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