Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our Wedding: Ceremony Venue

Jason first proposed (yes there were two proposals) while I was at work. Since I worked at our church at the time, it was only fitting to book our wedding ceremony there.

While working there, I was responsible for much of the wedding related tasks. I would book the ceremonies and rehearsals, keep in contact with the couples, book decorators (and even decorate myself when the couple's arrangements fell through), help fill out the marriage forms, prepare the register and whatever else was needed. Because of this, I have a pretty good idea what to expect from our ceremony. I've seen them happen in different ways and know the behind-the-scenes stuff that most brides have no clue about.

That being said though, we don't have an officiant. Let me explain

I finished my temporary position there this past Christmas. During one of my last days, I let my co-worker in on the engagement and she immediately wanted to tell the rest of the office. I was excited too, so I thought, why not? We hadn't told all of our family yet so we didn't want it blabbed everywhere but the four pastors that I worked with were probably not going to be the people to do so anyway.

So in the process of telling my senior pastor that I was engaged, I also let him know that I had already booked our date in the church's computer system and mentioned that we'd like for him to officiate. A few days later, I received an email confirming that he would be honoured to do so.

But then reality set in and I received another email asking if we were set on our date. As it turns out, there is a huge province wide christian youth convention happening in the city that same weekend. As the former provincial youth director for our denomination, my senior pastor will unfortunately be otherwise engaged. Along with many other pastors in the area.

We really have no idea what direction to go from here. There's one pastor at our church that will probably not be involved in the youth convention, but she only started at the church about 6 weeks before I left so we don't know her well. One of the ladies that I asked to be a bridemaid is also a pastor, but she hasn't confirmed that she will be able to make it yet, either. Im also a little traditional in thinking that I'd prefer a male to officiate. Is that weird? Anyone else have trouble picking an officiant?

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