Friday, February 3, 2012

a snake cake and jungle party

As part of Life as Mom's Birthday Cake Round up, Im writing a few posts referencing some of the birthday cakes I've created in the past...

For Noah's 6th birthday we had a jungle theme. To go with that, I created a snake cake from pictures I found online (pre-pinterest!). This was my first time using fondant and Im sure more experienced cake makers would do a better job, but the kids were still amazed by my attempt.

Now that I've shown you the most important part, let me share the rest of the day. It started off with some jungle invites....

When the kids arrived I had them create jungle animals using a kit I picked up at Michaels. Afterwards we played a few games and let them run around a little bit. The main event had not yet arrived so I tried everything I could to keep the kids entertained while we waited. I definitely learned my lesson though and in the future will always include more activities for the kids.

We ended up feeding them their pizza and snake cake and then opening presents in the middle of the party because the entertainer still had not arrived. They had lost their car keys that morning and ended up an hour late. It was a good thing I scheduled the party to be 3 hours long!

So finally they arrived and the kids didn't know what to expect...

It was a local reptile company that tours schools and sets up exhibits. They were on the pricey side but it went over so well. In this picture, they are racing the two turtles across my rec room carpet!

Here Noah is getting to pet a reptile. They passed around most of them but some kids were a little scared to touch!

This was the grand finale. They brought out the small snake and let all the kids put it around their necks for a picture. Everyone thought that was the end until the man pulls out a pillow case with the giant snake in it! I still cant believe I let that thing in my house without even knowing it was there!

To close off the party each of the children had a few minutes with this...

How awesome is that? It's like a zoo that comes to your house!

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