Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eighteen Days

Im getting married in 18 days. That's nuts. Every morning I click on theknot, even though there's nothing new to see or keep track of anymore, just to see the number. I know before hand how many days are left but I still cant help looking it up, like maybe Im just dreaming or something.

Im feeling rambly.

I haven't blogged in forever and have no excuse. Im not even doing anything with my days. But whatevs.

The kids started school a couple of weeks ago and have already had a day off because of Leslie. I never really know what to call that storm. It was a hurricane, it was a tropical storm, by the time it was over us it was a post tropical storm with hurricane level 1 winds. Either way, the schools shut down and our swing set blew over onto our shed.

Anywho, the kids all seem to be doing well. Owen is bored out of his mind being at home all day with me and can't wait for school next year. James and Noah both say they have the best teachers in the world. They are now the only two at their school and it's the cutest thing to watch them disappear into the school doors together or come to the car holding hands.

Micah started at a junior high this year though he's only in grade six. All french immersion students in our city must go to this school for this one grade because of space issues. It's rather a hassle, given the traffic nonsense surrounding the school. Thankfully, he walks to his old school in the afternoons so that I can pick them all up in the same spot. Academically, I have no idea whats going on as he no longer uses an agenda and curriculum night isnt until next week. He started with a tutor over the summer and is continuing with that every week though, so I have some confidence the year wont be a waste!

Next year he'd like to transfer to the junior high in our neighbourhood but they only offer a late immersion program for students who have had english instruction up through elementary school. I worry that the program will be that much less challenging that he'll get bored and do even worse. On the other hand, he is struggling with the french at this level and Im not entirely sure he'll be at grade level by the end of the year anyway. Decisions, decisions!

One thing is for sure though; next summer will include a trip to St. Pierre to boost all the boys' french skills. It is a tiny island just off the coast of Newfoundland that is actually a part of France. There's a ferry we can take over but it's pedestrian only so exploring the island may be a bit difficult, as public transportation isnt that great. How cool is it though that we have a piece of Europe practically at our doorstep?

Other than school, we're not doing much, The wedding is taking a lot of our funds and mental energy so we're waiting until that's over to get back into the normal routines. Taekwondo and swimming lessons, mainly. Micah is into BMX now though as his sport of choice and though it's expensive, it's definitely less so than hockey and less of a time commitment from us so we're happy to support it. He goes off to the skate park a couple of times each week and when the winter comes, we'll be driving him to the indoor skate park in St. John's.

And that's us in a nutshell..

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Mommy Daisy said...

Whew! You sound busy to me! Can't believe your wedding is so close. Very excited for you!