Saturday, September 22, 2012

I should probably add a few pictures...

I've been too lazy to add any pictures to my computer over the last month so my recent posts have been a little boring. Hopefully, these will help:
In August we visited a local experimental farm and learned much about local agriculture. Either that or we just went in some bouncy castles, ate some tasty treats, checked out the tractors and such and took a hay ride. 
Jay and I had simultaneous Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. This is one of my bridesmaids who accompanied me to dinner before the festivities.
Things got considerably more interesting from there. Most of the other pictures that ended up on my phone are not appropriate for this site. This lovely gentleman is one of Jason's groomsmen.
This Groom was from another bachelor party happening that night. St. John's has a very small street that has the world's record for the most bars. The street becomes pedestrian only at night and is basically one large party! I hope his wedding was at least a few days after this. That's permanent marker all over his face.
We hiked with a visiting friend.
Bought wedding clothes.
Owen and I hung out a lot while the other boys were at school. This was a walk around downtown St. John's. That's signal hill in the background (which is where our reception will take place).
Jay and I attended an 80s themed birthday party.
We spent the evening at the beach with our church for the annual corn boil.
We visited the geo centre (the site of our reception) to check out some of the exhibits.
We visited another local farm.
Micah started at a new school (sorry for the blur). 
First day of school.
We took Owen to a local fire station during a special 'doors open' day. 
He was quite the super star.
We went out for wings (twice!).
Leslie visited us and did a little damage to our swing set.
Jay and I got our marriage licence

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