Friday, January 9, 2009

Can she be any worse?

I mentioned in my last post that the woman downstairs had moved out a few days ago and that seems to be the case, except that she hasn't totally left yet. I saw a moving truck here the other day and watched them fill it so I assumed they were moving. Everyone left that afternoon and didn't come back that night so I felt that this confirmed that she had in fact moved that day. So the next day when I came home with the kids, I parked on her side of the driveway. (Actually its really my side, but I let her have it because I was worried that the kids might hit her car with their doors) So then last night after I had gotten all the kids in bed, the doorbell rang. Usually I don't answer the door after dark but I looked out and saw her car in front and answered it anyway. Without even a hello, the woman says all bitchy 'Can I get in MY driveway?' I should have just told her that No, I could not leave my children alone while I move it over ONE SPOT! I wouldn't want anyone reporting me, after all! But because I hate conflict, I went out and moved my car over.

For the next hour, she felt it ok to vacuum, bang around and play music even though she knew the kids would all be in bed. Then she left. Hasn't even been back since. So instead of just parking BESIDE my car in her ORIGINAL spot, she had me go out, move my car so that she could be here for an hour cleaning. She could have parked on the road for that matter!

I don't want to offend anyone for this, so please do not take this the wrong way as I have no issue with anyone's chosen religious views. I believe though that all of this negativity comes from the last time I spoke with this woman and informed her that I am divorced. She had asked if my husband worked away and I told her that no, its just the kids and I. She is Jehovah's witness and I have no idea if they are against divorce (Im assuming) or not. But it seems that ever since then she has just been really horrible towards me. Before that she was always negative saying one bad thing or other about her apartment, the weather, what-freaking-ever; but never about me.

I think that she is gone for good now, but I have no idea. Im afraid of her coming to my door again, so I don't want to take my spot back but at the same time, I don't want whoever moves in to think they can take it either. Im just glad to have her out of my life and hopefully who ever moves in down there is nice. Neighbors are hard, but sharing a house can be a lot worse.

Oh, and before I go I just wanted to thank you all for supporting me with the last post. It was a very difficult few days but things are pretty much back to normal now. My car is fixed (kinda), the kids have antibiotics, and Ive managed to clean everything except the older boys' room (which I still refuse to do).


Miss Grace said...

Honey I can't send you questions cuz you didn't leave a way to contact you. Send your email address to grace at missdisgrace dot com?

Kristi said...

i'm glad she's gone! take that parking spot back and forget her!

i'm suddenly greatful for my neighbor. He may be loud but at least he minds his own business and isn't rude.

Astarte said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish!!!! She was probably just back to do the requisite cleaning she she didn't lose her deposit. Maybe she got evicted.

You should definitely *not* go down there and pick the lock so you can throw coffee on the carpet. Really, it would be a bad idea. I'm just sayin'.

Cherish said...

OMG dont put any ideas in my head!!! I did park in my spot again today and she did come back tonight, refusing to pull into the other spot again. Ah well! She was here with the landlord so Im hoping that means that its all over and done with....WOOOHOOO!

Mommy Daisy said...

What a jerk! I'm glad she is gone. Blah! I think you handled her more gracefully than she deserved.

Melissa said...

Hey so I totally haven't wrote in your blog in forever, not to mention really have a "real" conversation with you on msn lately..or hang..or wow, sorry.