Saturday, January 31, 2009

Check in

Today ends the first month of 2009.

Well, duh.

But, Im pointing this out because I though I should do a little review of my goals for this year, just to keep myself accountable. So, just a brief update as to where I am with everything:

1. Write a million words
My total so far this month is a lousy 10 342. I had high hopes to accomplish more but blah, blah, didnt get done. To stay on target I need to write 85 000/month.
2. Cut my credit card debt in half
I havent touched this one at all
3. Find a boyfriend
Im hopeful that this will happen at some point this year, but certainly not this month. I've met a couple more guys but no one Im interested in pursuing.
4. Find a Job
Im making progress with this one. I have a few contacts lined up and it is certainly a possibility over the next few months. I had originally decided to stay home until June though, so we'll see how it goes.
5. Start my second degree
I think I've actually decided to hold off on this. The application would have to be completed by next week and Im just not feeling it right now. Maybe next year?
6. Get back to enjoying being a mom
I've had a really good month with this one. I know I've had my moments but as a whole, I am much happier and calmer with the kids and we are doing a lot more things together. It's been nice.
7. Loose the weight
Im on track, I think. More on that here.
8. Join the Y
9. Start another blog
Done, with another one on the way...
10. See a dentist
Again, the answer is no
11. Be more social
I would have to say that I havent made any progress here either. This is getting sad...
12. Eat better
Yay, this one is true!
13. Get organised
I've been using my Ultimate Mom's Calendar that I recieved awhile back as a PIF and that has really helped. Everything is in one place and I can see my schedule a lot better than I used to. I've also organised my desk and started to go through all of the old boxes of kid clothes.

I dont think I've done too bad so far. There are areas that will need more work in the coming months, but Im moderately happy with my progress.

How about you? How have your resolutions/goals/hopes been going so far this year?


Astarte said...

You're really moving forward! I think it's good to admit that some things aren't going to happen, like school, and just move on. You've set the bar pretty high with a lot of goals, and you sound so healthy lately. It's great to hear!

My goals are going OK. The charity thing is going well, but that one's kind of easy, really. Walking the dog is going OK, but the weather keeps interfering. The marriage thing is there, but I wouldn't say I've made a huge effort.

Amanda said...

Sounds like you are doing great! Just take it day by day, and before you know it, you'll have accomplished a lot.