Wednesday, January 14, 2009


While making my breakfast a few minutes ago I was contemplating what to write about this morning as I have a few ideas rumbling around in my head that never seem to come to light. I considered all of those as well as the events of my morning thus far. But when the words 'EPIC' (that just cant be written in lowercase) and 'FAIL' came to mind, I decided that I am a teenager and should just shut the hell up about my problems already. I mean really, who else uses those two words more than the 14-17 cohort? I left teen lingo behind long ago, when I became a mother and I don't plan to go back.

So! Let me distract myself for a little while. Miss Grace posted some questions last week as a meme and has emailed me some of my own to share with all of you loverly (<---not a typo :P) people.

1. If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
I was actually thinking about this a few days ago and all I could come up with is that I would want to be a guy. How great would it be to actually see the world from their perspective? Talk about understanding the opposite sex! Seriously though, I think I would prefer something completely different to my own life. Maybe a member of some sort of tribal society or Asian farmer? I think the main thing would be to just experience something completely different, and yet from the inside. But I guess that is my inner sociology major coming out...ethnography to the extreme!
2. What do you do to relax and de-stress?
Lately, I've been feeling like smoking every time I get stressed. I quit finally for good during the pregnancy that I later miscarried in 2005. I hadn't even wanted a cigarette until the last two months, maybe? So Im glad there haven't been any around because I may have just picked it up again. Whats cool about my stress is that it never lasts long. I am quick to anger or stress over something but it is gone just as fast as it comes on. I do like to just shut myself away from everything for maybe a half hour though to just read a magazine in peace. Sometimes just keeping busy tidying or whatever helps as well. I think my biggest treat though when things are overwhelming is to hang out with my SIL Melissa though. We always have a laugh, what ever it is we are doing.
3. What would you do to your worst enemy if you had the chance to do anything you wanted, but had to live with the knowledge of what you'd done?
I don't have any 'enemies!' That makes it sound like Im some super-spy secret agent...
The only person that I can think of that I truly dislike is P (The Ex's fiance). She treats me horrible and she doesn't accept Rayden as one of The Ex's kids. Just writing that makes me want to rant about it. *Breathe* Ok! Even her though, I wouldn't want to do anything to her. I think she is kind of a good thing for The Ex and provides stability for the kids. I doubt there is anyone better that would be interested in The Ex and so I cant even say that Id want to break them up. I guess I'll just have to pass on this question.
4. If you had a time machine that you could only use once, would you go backwards or forwards, to when and why?
Id definitely go back. If I went forward, there is a possibility that I would miss something big or that I would loose the chance to spend time with someone that may die or whatever. Going back would just allow me to enjoy all those moments that went by too quickly. As for a time that I would go back to, it would have to be sometime before my eighth birthday which is the day my grandmother died. She was my second mom and I've lived my life since wishing that I had had more time with her.
5. If you could commit one crime with a guarantee that you'd get away with it, what would it be?
Wow, my brain just went nuts thinking of things. With every one of them though, my stupid morals would get in the way. It would have to be something that broke a law that was really stupid. What the would be though, I have no idea.

And now its your turn. If you would like to play, email me (at cherishblog at gmail dot com) and I will send you your own set of questions.


Kristi said...

What a fun list. I love that you can't commit a crime even though you wouldn't get caught. I can already think of like 10 things! LOL.

I want to play!! I guess I should email you.(yeah I pay attention well)

Amanda said...

Good list! I'll send you an email soon for some questions :)

Melissa said...

I want to play!! Do I really have to send a email?

ps. xo