Friday, January 30, 2009

He likes it!!

Thank you so much to the people that commented on this post. I have tried a few of your suggestions and Josiah is finally eating real food! Im still breastfeeding him before each meal so when he does eat, its not for hunger but to get him used to tastes and textures.

I tried the little mesh feeder thing (recommended by St) with apples and as long as Josiah remembers that he has it in his hand, he goes mad. Applesauce is something that I didn't try with him yet so I don't know if he just liked the taste or the ability to feed himself. Either way, it worked and he is now sucking on chunks of apple a couple times each day.

And before I say what else he is eating, let me just say that I know he is a little young for it. I also know that he shouldn't be having the flavored varieties. But the little guy just loves 'sharing' mommy's vanilla yogurt! He was watching me snack on some and so I gave him a little taste. Next thing I knew, he was crying because I wasn't shovelling it in fast enough! Crazy.

Today at lunch I thought I would try one of his jars of strained foods, considering how well he has been doing with other things lately. I've tried him on banana before, but it was a different brand and it seemed a bit more chunky. It was also regular baby food and the one I tried today was organic. I have no idea if the brand made any difference, but again he was smacking his little lips! I started out with only about two teaspoons and had to put more into his bowl before I stopped. Im sure he would have kept eating but I needed to attend to the other kids, so I gave him one of his biscuits instead.

So far, that's as far as I've gotten this week: apple chunks in his mesh feeder,vanilla yogurt, strained bananas and baby biscuits. What a change from last week. Yay!


St said...

Cool! I'm glad he likes it. I've never actually used it but third baby is gonna need all the help she can get with taking care of her own self! It really does change with number three!

Mommy Daisy said...

I'm glad that he likes things and that's working for you. Goes to prove that each child is so different. My son would hardly touch table foods until past 9 months (and that was just Cheerios and stuff), but my friends daughter skipped baby foods and went straight table foods before 6 months. Crazy.

Amanda said...

That is great news! Yeah!
Have a great weeekend too!