Friday, March 6, 2009

Brighter Days

So wow, over a week has gone by. That's kinda crappy. There is very little going on with us to update, but I'll try to pull a few things out for ya.

1. Josiah is doing the almost crawl thing where he has most of the mechanics figured out but he falls down between each push forward. He is quick too and we've had to resort to moving the coffee table so that it blocks the doorway out of the living room. There is a small step there and without depth perception, Im sure the little guy would be falling on his face over and over.

This morning he had a great time crawling over to his toy basket that I keep beside his play pen. He tried to climb on it to get the toys but (although funny) I couldn't let him struggle like that and so I tipped it over for him. That kept him occupied for a good half hour! OMG! It was amazing. He only stopped when he got tired and ready for a nap.

Speaking of naps, I have switched him to formula during the day. Right before he goes down for a nap he will drink about 4oz and he does that 3-4 times/day. He still gets the boob in the evenings and throughout the night. This arrangement is working perfectly for me. My supply is still there for those few feedings at night and yet I don't feel like he is attached to me all of the time. He rarely bites me anymore either so that's just amazing.

His food preferences have totally lessened over the last couple of weeks which means that he eats almost anything. I have found that he will eat green veggies as long as they are mixed with orange ones and he loves most fruit. His favorite jarred food is still bananas but he is also really into carrots. He is eating bits of cheese and mini muffins by himself and apples in his little feeder thingy. For breakfast every morning he has yogurt mixed with rice cereal, for the added iron. All in all, I think he is doing quite well with his eating. The only issue I have now is his lack of interest in meats. He will eat bits of whatever we are eating if I make them small enough and just put them right into his mouth but he hates any of the jarred varieties of meat...really who can blame him though.

2. Chris is finally starting preschool on Monday. I have been trying to get this worked out since September but my God it has been hard. I have worked it out so that two different gov't departments will be paying for it and it has really just been all the back and forth between them and myself that has caused it to take so long. Anyway, it is all worked out now and Chris is really excited! Im looking forward to having my mornings with just the two little ones as well. How great will it be to only have two kids to occupy? Oh man, Im excited! We will be able to go for walks and I wont have to constantly be telling someone to stay with me! Usually with all of the kids, I have someone trying to walk off on their own, but now Ill be able to strap Josiah into his wrap and put Michael into his stroller. Oooh, the ease!

3. The weather is finally starting to clear around here. I cant believe that most of the snow is actually gone. It's probably just a little tease of spring but whatever it is, Im all for it. When I finish writing this and Josiah wakes from his nap we are going for a walk and I cant wait. Its amazing how much those yucky dark days can get to ya.

So that's about all that has been going on with us with us this week. Im sure Ill be around a little more now that things are becoming a little easier for us. I hope all is well with everyone, take care!


Kristi said...

Yay for preschool!!

I just love Josiah's face in that picture. I want to squeeze his chheks so badly!!

Amanda said...

That is great, with Chris going to preschool and Josiah eating better. Oh, I hear you about the weather. Ours has been crazy and we had a little taste of the warm weather the last couple of days and I'm worried its going to dissapear again. Oh well!

Astarte said...

I'm so glad that you got him into preschool! That's great!!!

Good for Josiah, too, with the less pickiness. Hooray!