Thursday, January 6, 2011

Free Day

So today went well, food wise. I had made an extra egg salad sandwich yesterday for Micah to bring to school for lunch today but then realised this morning that he had both ice cream for snack and pizza for lunch (the school offers pizza every other week and ice cream one morning each week). Instead of having to count out my change for the $3.00 to cover both items, I found an envelope already written out for ice cream, with Micah's name on it and money in it from last term. I guess there was a day he missed? Anyway, so free snack today for him and only $1.50 for his lunch.

Then my nephews showed up with Koolaid Jammers for themselves and my littles, so they had them this morning with their snack, stretching my juice an extra day. For lunch we had the last of the homemade mac and cheese, but the kids weren't too fussy on it. They mostly filled themselves on bread, but that's about normal for the four and under set. If we had any peanut butter left, Im sure they would have slathered that on!

My ex mother in law called the other night and I totally forgot until this afternoon that she was taking the boys today. Their cousin is visiting from another province and since his birthday is coming up, Grandma decided to have a little party with all the cousins. They'll be returning after supper, sometime. Which just means that I don't have to make supper and instead Owen just ate a cheese and mustard sandwich (he insisted!)and I had that egg salad one from yesterday.

I haven't added up the receipts yet, but tomorrow will mark a week into this challenge and I've spent no where near my limit. I AM trying to build a stockpile though and given the sales that will be in place starting Friday, Im sure Ill have no problem spending the money. At the end of these 6 weeks, I plan to have used up the few things that remained in my deep freeze and pantry and have a whole new stockpile to allow continued frugality in my shopping.

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