Friday, January 7, 2011


Noah was throwing up all last night. NOT FUN!

My nephews showed up this morning with coughs and sniffles

Micah is still in bed (it's nearly 11) complaining of being really tired and having a headache

Owen is covered in snot. I seriously just can't keep up with it.

James and I are outnumbered and Im just praying that we get through the next couple of days without coming down with something ourselves. At least they're all at their dads' this weekend so I can either a) clean the house and get some groceries in preparation for being sick or b) hunker down in bed with a couple of novels and a bottle of Gatorade. We'll see.


Yesterday I stopped to get gas before dropping my brother off at his school. I got home about an hour later and realised that I didn't have my wallet. Without even having to think about it, I knew I had left it on top of the garbage bin at the gas station. I remembered putting it there and thinking to myself that I had to get it before getting back in the van. Thankfully it was exactly where I had left it with everything still inside. Amazing!

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