Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two Days In

So we're at the end of the second day of both my savings challenge and my pantry challenge (of which I just committed to a second, similar one). So far, I haven't spent a penny. But that's not really all that hard now is it?

Yesterday was Jason's birthday and Micah had asked last week if we could have a party for him. Neither Jason nor I felt comfortable with that idea and so we decided that he'd just come over for dinner, instead. Thankfully, I had a pot roast in the deep freeze and a little wine from Christmas in the fridge, because that's one of his favorite meals. I didn't want to spend any extra money, so that worked out really well. I had thought about making him a cake, before he came over but I didn't think I had any butter or margarine for the icing. It wasn't until about an hour before dinner that I realized there was a stick in the back of the fridge! Oh well. The kids and I made a gingerbread house kit the day before and so we just served that instead. Jason didn't mind and he had the honor of breaking it into little pieces for the boys.

Today we had a lazy day and all just ate what we felt like for breakfast and lunch. Mostly it was yogurt, cereal, toast or soup. Then for supper, since Jason decided to keep Owen for an extra night, I just made grilled cheese sandwiches and a can of vegetable soup. We made it fun by playing Zooreka while we ate.

Tomorrow I plan to serve homemade macaroni and cheese with broccoli, potatoes and carrots (left over from yesterday). I may or may not get around to making rolls in my bread maker, but those could be included as well. We'll have this same meal again on Tuesday and on Wednesday I plan to make what my boys like to call "cheese eggs." Ill have to pick up some eggs for that though because there's only two left after all of my Christmas baking. Otherwise, the only other spending I should be doing this week is a tank of gas in the van and a movie ticket tonight with my girlfriends.

All together, not a bad start to a new adventure.

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