Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I made the list

I'm going to incorporate this list into the permanent area of the blog eventually, but for now this is what I've got. I didn't think I'd be able to come up with much but after finding this site, I did pretty well. There were a lot of things listed on the site that I had already accomplished which made me feel really good. I wanted to include more but it felt weird to add something that I've already done unless I want to specifically redo it with the kids.

So, the list:

1. Pay off consumer debt
2. Pay off student loans
3. Save a down payment for a house
4. Buy a house
5. Bring the kids to Disney
6. Bring the kids to Ontario
7. Hike in Gros Mourne
8. Visit the US(other than Hawaii)
9. Go to India
10. Take a lingering vacation in Europe
11. Learn to Garden
12. Find a hobby just for me, outside of the house
13. Make reading for pleasure more of a priority and don’t feel guilty about it
14. Become fluent in French
15. Learn a third language
16. Run a 5k
17. Stay committed to a gym for over a year
18. Run the tely10 (10 miles)
19. Complete a triathlon
20. Take a belly dancing class
21. Take a cooking class
22. Throw a Christmas party
23. Go camping with the family
24. Buy a cabin
25. Visit a western province
26. Build the kid’s RESP so that we can actually pay for their education
27. Get married
28. Have a daughter
29. Get a tattoo
30. Go to a strip club
31. Write a published work
32. Complete NaNoWriMo 5 years in a row
33. Go Sea kayaking
34. Have a giant backyard BBQ with all of our friends and family
35. Have an office of my very own
36. Bake bread from scratch
37. Swim with dolphins
38. Go to Hawaii
39. Own my own business
40. Visit my parents
41. Complete another degree
42. Put money in someone else’s meter
43. Achieve my ideal weight and maintain it
44. Get a makeover
45. Take a dance class
46. Find the job that I love
47. Make my own jam
48. Get my kids to adulthood
49. Go 6 months without eating fast food
50. See a Cirque du soleil performance
51. See a movie by myself in the theatre
52. Go to a blueberry festival
53. Bring the kids berry picking
54. Achieve 70 words per minute
55. Have a stress-free and happy Christmas season
56. Go to a spa
57. Earn a certificate in Leadership
58. Meet someone from the blogosphere
59. Take a couples class of anything
60. Buy a punching bag and use it
61. Get all of my dental work done
62. Save $10 000 for nothing in particular
63. Finish the kids’ scrapbooks
64. Establish a regular date night
65. Participate in a book club
66. Work in a foreign country
67. Throw a dinner party
68. Join the PTA
69. Take an art class
70. Find and leave flowers at the graves of my grandmothers
71. Dance in the rain
72. Meet girlfriends for cocktails
73. Bring the kids apple picking
74. Bake 10 different kinds of Christmas cookies for family and friends
75. Find a long-lost friend
76. Maintain a weekly family night
77. Write a will
78. Sponsor a family for Christmas
79. Give $100 to a stranger
80. Buy a van
81. Take the kids to a drive in
82. Walk all the trails in the grand concourse
83. Build sand castles with my kids
84. Do something nice for Jason’s mom
85. Teach all of my children to ride a bicycle
86. Make homemade ice cream
87. Host a girl’s night

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Amanda said...

That's a pretty good list! All the things are so great to strive for....good luck with knocking most of those items off the list. I know you can do it :) I'll have to make a list too!