Monday, July 27, 2009

pros and cons

So I got the job.

...and I start Monday.


Honestly, Im on two minds about it. Of course Im excited that I finally got a job and especially so considering they offered it to me within hours of my initial interview. Its close to home, the hours are good and the people are nice.

But...the pay sucks.

They said twice during the interview that I was over qualified and even said that there wasn't much room for growth. Im not sure how to take this. I need a job and Im ready to work but am I really ready to accept such a low salary? I checked out the NOC listing for the position title and I've been offered 20 000 less than the national average. I am entry level, so that accounts for some of it, but really? Im eligible for a special incentive program that will provide the employer with 10 000 towards my salary so I might be able to close the gap a little with that. I hope.

I meet with them tomorrow afternoon again to get the official offer and I think Im more nervous than I was for my interview today.

What if I accept this position and then get a call to interview somewhere else next week? Not only would I have to take time off to interview but I'd feel bad about leaving somewhere so soon after starting. If I commit to this place then I think I should at least put 6 months in.

What do you think?


Mommy Daisy said...

Congrats on the job. I see your hesitation with it, though, too. Do you have any other interviews lined up or any places that seem really interested? If not, I'd say just go for this one. 6 months passes quickly, and if you find something better you could easily leave. If the economy there is anything like here, any job is a good job for most people. Good luck with the decision.

Amanda said...

yes, congrats no matter what! I would say take the current offer and see what happens. Then if a better offer comes along, then move on. You never know when the next best offer will come along, so take what you can get :)

Astarte said...

YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! Take it, and keep your options open. Even if there's no room for anything here, you will be making contacts and building your resume, and making real money again!!!!!!! Congratulations, honey!!!!! WOW!