Monday, July 13, 2009

random updates, with pictures!!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE summer?

Between my job search class and all of the activities we've been involved in, the time is just flying by. I never have time to write here anymore but there is always something I want to say so that when I do sit down, it's all jumbled. Sigh.


Josiah's birthday was last Thursday. We didn't do much really because I had my class all morning and then he napped for the rest of the afternoon. He was only awake for maybe an hour when Jason got home from work so we waited for him for cake and presents. Jason's mom had bought a cake for Josiah and the boys and I baked cup cakes.

My mom sent him some money as a gift so we brought him out shopping Saturday evening, after the other kids had gone with their dad. We ended up getting him some sort of leap frog doll that sings/talks with a flashing light. So far, it hasn't left his hands much since we brought it home. He even dances to it, which is obviously completely adorable!


Friday Josiah had to get his immunizations which I was not looking forward to. He did really well though without even crying for any of the three needles. I don't remember his measurements except that he's 21lbs now and meets all of the requirements to switch to a forward facing car seat. Im a little worried about how to go about all of that because I drive a car and all three car seats only just fit across the back as it is. To change any of them makes me worry that I wont be able to make them fit and then we're screwed. I also need to weigh Michael because he may be big enough soon to switch to a booster and then I can give his car seat to Josiah. Im not sure though on the age requirements for boosters so he may be too young.


One awesome thing about Jason is that he is really into being active in the summer. The winter is another story but if it's a nice, sunny day, he wants to be outside. So Friday evening after he got home from work we decided to go for a walk. The kids wanted to walk to the candy store, which is what they call the little neighborhood store, but that only takes about 15 minutes. I wanted to drive downtown and walk around down there, visiting the real candy store. Jason wanted to walk a scenic route. So in the end we decided to walk on a nearby trail that goes all the way downtown. From there we crossed the main part of downtown and visited the candy store where everyone got an ice cream cone. Then we walked back along the harbour to the trail that we came from and headed home. All together it was almost 9km. The kids were beat out by the end of it, which was nice but that last half hour was nothing but whining! I doubt we'll be going on those types of walks with the kids anymore but it was still nice.

On Sunday while the kids were still gone with their dad, Jason and I walked around a local lake. That walk is only 3.8 km so it didn't take long. We would have gone around again but Josiah needed a diaper change and we were running out of time before the kids were getting home. So we went home and got everything ready to go to the beach when the kids got back.

It was such a relaxing, but active weekend. The weather was beautiful and we all really enjoyed ourselves.


A few years ago when Rayden was in kindergarten, some of his friends visited Florida. At the time, I was doing alright and had a plan set out for how our lives would go. So I worked it out in my head and told him that maybe when he was 8 we would be able to go. Fast forward to now. Many more of his friends have now gone to Florida and he'll be 8 in a few weeks. Obviously Im not in the financial position to be planning a trip, so I came up with a plan. I told Rayden that it would take at least $15/day for a whole year to pay for a trip like that and we talked about how much work it would take for someone to save that much money. For someone who is working, it wouldn't be a big deal to just take that off of each pay cheque, but right now that's impossible for us. I tried to use the situation as a tool for him to learn some financial planning skills. As a kid I wasn't taught a thing about money and neither was Jason. Now with my kids, I hate the idea of them reaching adulthood with the same misconceptions as I had. So, long story short; Rayden and I are going to work on special projects until we can save the money for a trip to Florida.

This past Saturday we held a garage sale and were able to make $46. At our goal rate of $15/day, we're right on track but need to come up with some more ideas soon. I know that bake sales can bring in a good bit of money, but Im not sure of where we would be able to hold one. We've also talked about getting a paper route that he and I would do together and maybe doing a bit of babysitting in the evenings. Id like to come up with some sort of christmasy craft that we could make now to sell at all those markets that pop up around the holiday too. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. $105/week is a lofty goal for anyone, and Im not really expecting to make it, but I want him to really understand the sacrifice that goes into saving for things we really want. In the end, if we don't make our goal in 1 year, we can probably do it in 2.


My class is going awesome. I thought I had a really good resume until we started working on them and I had mine graded by a professional HR person. Apparently, it was crap. It's all re-done now though and I've found 5-6 new job ads to apply for. We were working on networking last week as well and I was able to find about 50 people in my personal network and through other sources that I need to contact now this week to see what I can find. We're also working on cover letters, interviews and cold calling this coming week. Busy, busy, busy! I've been spending about 5-6 hours each day on this whole job search thing and now this week I have to step that up to a full 7-8 hours each day. It's going to be quite a week! But all I have is another 9 days to gain all of the skills I need to find a job and really, I don't want there to be too much down time between finishing this course and finding a new job. As it is, we're getting into a routine and the kids really like their babysitter. I think she's only available for the summer, but it would still be nice to continue with her for the rest of the summer while I look for other arrangements. Im getting ahead of myself though. Right now I need to continue to network, check all those job ads, and improve on my interview skills. The rest will come in time.

So that has been my busy week. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am and please, if you have any ideas on some fundraising projects that Rayden and I can do, please let me know.


Astarte said...

Hell, if I think of fundraising projects, I'll let both of us know!!! :) Is there anything you could start selling on ebay?

I can't remember Michael's exact age, but we started Patrick in a belt-positioning booster at 2 because he was a bit big for his age, and also he had figured out how to undo his carseat buckles because he was enraged that Josie had a (cool) booster seat and he didn't. There are a few that you can switch them over at 30lbs, so I would look into that.

Kristi said...

Josiah's birthday was Thursday? Like July 9th? because that is totally Kaeli's bday too!! (and I have a half finished post still waiting!!)

I'm having trouble writing in the summer too!

Cherish said...

Astarte, Michael is the same way. Every time I look back he has his belt half off anyway. I tried him in a booster one day and he didnt even touch the belt! It is definitely the way to go, as long as I can find one for his weight.

Kristi, happy birthday to Kaeli!!! That's crazy that they have the same bday.