Thursday, July 16, 2009


OMG Swistle just wrote about having a stellar parenting day ruined by the CONSTANT neediness of the childrens. I AM SO HAVING ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

I've been feeling great about everything all week and even today, with a bunch of bills to pay and errands to run, I was still in a good mood. That was until we got home from a shopping trip where I retained my amazing mood dispite 2 of the four actually RUNNING around the store! BUT that was ruined when the 2 year old spilled an entire can on pop all over my job search binder. That binder included EVERYTHING involved in my job search including my DEGREE and all of my certificates/letters of reference. I swear I saw red when I found it. I had everything in there that needed to be copied and kept in my portfolio, only they weren't, they were all still the originals. I still dont know what Im going to do. Orange pop doesnt really come out of much.

I think this qualifies for an "FML"


Kristi said...

definitly deserves an FML

Amanda said...

Breath....breath....breath :) I hope your day tomorrow stays wonderful all day long!