Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I was so tired and not feeling the greatest yesterday that I only managed to get the downstairs bathroom cleaned and the rec room half tidied. Today is much the same but not as bad. Im trying to keep myself busy though to pass the day but I don't know how well that's working.

I have a few things around here that are half started but I just cant seem to get back around to. It's not that I don't have time but more like not enough drive. Our advent calendar needs to be finished for tomorrow, or at least the first day of it. But that includes a number of little things that still need to come together and when I think about it I just get all blah and don't want to do anything! I would hate to get a couple days into December though and then regret not starting it out right. Maybe in a couple hours Ill have a little more drive, though I can't really see it.

So far I've only cleaned off the top of the fridge (only because I needed something up there), made cupcakes with Owen (that still need to be frosted) and half painted little Christmas blocks for my mantle. It's nearly 1pm and I've done about a half hour's worth of stuff :(

Tomorrow is another dreaded Wednesday where I have Mom N Me in the morning (possibly with my nephews as well as the littles) and Fun Factor at night. It'll be the last Fun Factor until after Christmas so Im happy about that. There is this group that is just horrible to control. They are in grade four and I have to spend most of my time sitting with them to try to keep them under control instead of with the grade ones, where Im supposed to be! Hopefully this mood will be gone by then and I'll make it through without too much headache.

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