Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Cards

Our church is currently creating a photo directory of all the members since there has been so much growth in recent years. Our photo session was in October and so I decided to combine the experience and order Christmas cards of one of the poses. I think it turned out great! The image I saw on the screen that day didn't look anywhere near as good as this card came out, so I was pleasantly surprised. I only hope that I chose this pose for our church directory....although I have no idea.

I love how James (in the red) is posing! He is usually the one who feels self conscious when we're taking pictures and never cooperates. I had trouble finding outfits that would coordinate and so I finally gave up and said we'd go with "sweaters and dress shirts with jeans." Thankfully we all had one or the other! Ha!

I like to get my Christmas cards out by the 1st since I have some that travel long distances. These arrived on Tuesday so it's just perfect timing! I even found a bunch of Christmas stamps from last year so I didn't have to spend a penny :)

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