Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Letters from Santa

Do your children receive letters from Santa? We've had them once or twice in the past but it's not a yearly tradition. Micah and I came across a card that he got from Santa probably 5 years ago or more and that got me to thinking about it. Why not?

It's another one of those inexpensive, easy and quick things that we can do to make the holiday a little more special. I followed a link from Mommy Daisy's review blog today to a site that will put together a package including a letter, certificate, etc. for your child that you can print from home. There is a fee and that's what turned me off of that specific site, but a quick internet search using swagbucks or google will give you plenty of ideas or even a template to get you started.

I plan to visit the dollar store to pick up some Christmas paper for ours to be printed on and then Ill either add stamps and just put them in our mailbox or I might actually mail them. I've found four different letters to use so each child gets their own and Ill be sure to not have them all arrive at once either. It'll be more special that way.

Our local Santa Claus parade is on the 4th and we'll be giving Santa our letters then so I have a couple of weeks before they need to be ready, as these will be in response to what the kids write him. I find that with anything, starting well in advance is the only way I get things done!

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Thanks for summing it up so well. I think I’ll be returning here often. Best Regards.