Monday, November 22, 2010

Nutty Butter Cookies

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Awhile back the littles and I were reading this Dora book about a quest for chocolate for Abuela's chilly day surprise. Among other characters and things, Dora and Boots meet Tico who offers them some of his Nutty Butter Cookies.
When we finished the book, I had the idea to make our own Nutty Butter cookies together for a little treat. Obviously I had no idea how to make such a cookie, but that didn't stop us! I just used a regular chocolate chip recipe that I pretty much know by heart now, and instead of adding chocolate chips, we added whatever nuts were in the pantry at the time. All the kids needed to know was that there was both butter and nuts in our cookies and they were satisfied.
I didn't think to take a picture at the time, but they were good and we had a lot of fun making them. Instead of just reading the story and then going about whatever chores I had to do, I took the time to expand the simple story into something much more. Now when we read this book and we get to the end where Dora asked what we like to do on chilly days, we can talk about those Nutty Butter cookies and maybe even make some more.

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Kim HB said...

Awesome! We pulled out this book last night- an oldie but goodie in our house- and the kids want to make hot choc & the nutty butter cookies today. We have allergies in our home so I think we'll try using Sunflower Seed Butter (nutty flavor + butter, double-check!) somewhere in there. Loved this post, even if I was a year and a half late in finding it. ;0) if I can find the time I'll post on this too & link back if you don't mind.