Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is it April yet?

Oh what a busy month March has turned out to be! I can hardly believe there's still 11 more days to this month, after having done so much already.

In terms of the wedding, We've sent deposits to the photographer, DJ, Cake Decorator and Ceremony Musicians. We also met with the DJ to go over our music personalities and booked our cake tasting. On top of that, I've picked up mountains of items including centerpiece parts, our card box, silk flowers, paper products, bridesmaids dresses (more on that later!) and so many other little items! It has been a crazy whirlwind.

The kids are excited to try out the cakes with us, as we ordered enough for that. We wanted them to be involved in at least a little of the planning. Owen talks about how he's going to carry a flag whenever he hears the word 'wedding' and James informed his teacher that Mommy was getting married. Apparently all this work isn't going as unnoticed by them as I had thought!

Noah will be celebrating his 8th birthday in a couple of weeks and it looks like my planning energy is going to be sidetracked until then. He's having a Pizza theme (his initial request was 'turtles') so we're going all out and creating an Italian themed pizzaria. Pictures of that process will surely be forthcoming. I've even hired our wedding photographer to cover Noah's bday party so we're sure to get some great shots!

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