Friday, March 9, 2012

Our Wedding: Budget

Let me start off by saying that I am well aware the taboo of talking about finances in regards to a wedding. I also don't care. I've always been very open about my finances on this blog and Im not about to stop now!

So when Jason and I first started talking about a wedding, we decided that we'd be comfortable with a budget of around $10 000. Neither of us liked the idea of spending so much on one day but understood that there are just some costs that can't be changed.

We have a basic feel for the day that we want to achieve and because of that we decided not to go with the various frugal options out there for planning a wedding on the cheap. Our reception will be a sit-down deal and it will be on a Saturday night. We'll have an 8 person bridal party plus the six kids who will each have various rolls. We are having a theme wedding (how did I get talked into that?) and to do so properly, will take certain funds. We want the venues to be gorgeous and interesting, as opposed to a plain hall somewhere.

All of that to say that although we hate to spend so much, we understand that it is our choice to do so and that we could have gone cheaper if we really needed or wanted to.

On top of the ten grand, my parents have generously offered to pay for the caterer. Originally, this was going to be included in the $10 000, but when we lost our first venue, we realised that all other options were going to be out of our budget. So they've increased their contribution to whatever the caterer costs and we're gladly accepting.

For a couple who are already completely financially separate from their parents and are raising children of our own, it does feel a little weird to take their money. They have assured us though that they are happy to do so and being their only girl, Im just going to thank them and accept the gift.

Stay tuned for a break down of where that $16 000 will be spent and then finally next week, Ill reveal our theme.

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