Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Lorax

We had a snow day yesterday as we were expecting 30cms of snow and 100km/h winds. Pretty much everyone knew it was going to be a snow day and treated it like a weekend...I love it when that happens!
So with everyone at home and nowhere we had to go, we spent much of the day being lazy. After Jay worked out for awhile in the afternoon, I thought I'd get off my butt too and rearrange the family room. It's needed it for awhile and with my brother moving out this month, we're looking to rearrange much of the house.
Anyway, to reward ourselves and the boys for all that heavy furniture moving, we used the movie tickets we had to bring the kids and a neighbor kid to see The Lorax at a small theatre near our home. The snow had cleared up earlier in the day and the plows had cleared the roads.
Jason wasn't very impressed with it but he also spent much of the movie bringing Owen to the bathroom. The last time Owen saw a movie in a theatre was his third birthday last summer. He went out to the bathroom about 10 times then and yesterday he only requested to do so four times. Progress!
Anyway, I thought it was a cute movie, despite my lack of enthusiasm for Dr. Seuss. The rest of the kids enjoyed it as well.
In the end, Id recommend it!

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