Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Wedding: Save the Dates

While I haven't officially announced our theme, I thought I'd share our save the dates. These have been designed for weeks, but we dragged our feet in taking the pictures. Neither of us are that comfortable in front of the camera, and we're in serious need of an upgraded one as well.

This past weekend, we took all of about five minutes to go outside and get the below picture of Jason. It was freezing outside and once we came back in and had a look at the files, we realised that none of my pictures could be used. So we spent another two minutes or so taking the one you will see below. I really don't like mine, but think Jason is hilarious! He is sooo not the type of guy to bring any kind of attention to himself so to see him do something like this in public was awesome.

With the pictures taken and the cards designed, all I had left was to get them printed. We sent a single blown-up version to Staples, to be sure everything was going to come out well and Im so glad we did. The image wasn't anywhere near the quality I was looking for and we found a shadow on one of the yellow blocks. So some quick alterations and off it went again, this time for real!

In the end, Im very happy with how they turned out. Staples even called me to see if I wanted the files to be blown up slightly to fit better on the 8.5x11" paper or just left at the size I designed them as. They even offered to cut them out fully ( I had just requested a single cut) for very little cost. In the end, they were about $.50 each (plus stamps) and will be a great first impression for our guests.

So, without further ado, our Save the Dates (in all their glory)......

We actually saw a VERY similar save the date during our initial 'dreaming' phase of wedding planning. When we fully decided to commit to our theme, Jason wanted to use the movie poster look and add a little bit of fun. I didn't care too much (as long as I had a little more control over the invites) and so here we are.
What did you do for your Save the Dates? Would you be willing to go silly or are you the traditional sort?

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Kristi said...

So Cute! My husband and I definitely went a little silly. We didn't use pictures of us, but we had magnets with a ball and chain that said "We'll be together forever...and ever..and ever...and ever. They made me smile.