Friday, March 9, 2012


We had a rather early winter this year with snow falling and staying on the ground well before Christmas. Usually we have a green Christmas.

So when the weather started to turn mild a week or so before the end of February, we were a bit cautious. Winter in Newfoundland, at least for the last ten years, is the worst between February 1st and March 20th or so. This year seems to be completely different though and other than the blizzard that came out of nowhere earlier in the week, we've had unseasonably warm days lately. Today, just two days after the schools were closed due to snow, a friend reported his car registering 19 degrees (that's around 70 for you Americans).

This really is weird for Newfoundland, but I think I might take advantage of it to help get into wedding day shape. You never know when another blizzard will have us stuck inside!

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