Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ramblings and Blog Love

I've been off this week. I read every one's posts and Im interested in them, but when I get to the comments, I can't bring myself to write anything. Even writing in any of my own blogs seems like such a chore so the couple of posts that I have done have been incredibly small. I know that I've been through periods of this before but usually its because Im feeling a little down or depressed or maybe even just tired. Lately though, I feel fantastic. Im energetic and happy, my mind is clear and I've actually been able to write in other forms with some clarity. So why not my blogs?

Do I really just have nothing worth while to say? I doubt that's the issue, but when I sit down to write my mind goes blank. All through out my days, I think "that would make a great blog post! I'll title it..." But then as soon as I get a little computer time, its gone.

My blogs are still very important to me, especially this one and I hate the idea of neglecting it. I hate thinking that Im writing dribble too though, so usually I just end up choosing not to write at all. Maybe if I just allow myself to blab on about something, I might come up with something worthwhile? That's pretty much how I approach my other writing pursuits, so maybe it will serve me well here? Either that or it'll make ya'll leave.
Nah, I think most of you dear readers understand the ups and downs of blogging and will stick by me for a little while anyway.

So for now lets have a little distraction, shall we? I received another award and this time from a great bloggy buddy, my dear Kristi. Its a particularly adorable award:

Now Im supposed to nominate 10 bloggers to pass this award onto but the problem is that I don't think I read that many that haven't been nominated already! Whatever will I do?

I think I might just cut that number in half and just nominate a few myself. Most of you will probably already read these ladies, but if you don't, go ahead and click on wont be disappointed!

Alice at Alice's wonderland. She's fun, quirky and single which translates to a pretty great read. Every time I see her blog name I think of my Alice in Wonderland themed wedding...don't ask

Jess from Du Wax Loolu. Her and her husband are about to pack up and completely change their lives by moving to a new State. Having done this before myself, I am incredibly interested in their journey and I cant wait to read more. Plus she is smart and can write really well; not in the stuck up academic way, but in an every day magazine article type of way. Um, now that I think of it, that's probably because she's an editor. Duh.

Amanda at My Version of the Story. She is 7 months pregnant with her first little boy! I love preggo stories and reading about all of the details and anticipation that comes from that incredibly long 9 month wait. Amanda also has a step son with an um, less than stellar mom. Having a similar relationship with P, I feel for her.

Tara at The Brain. This is a new read of mine but oh so interesting! Im still navigating my way through her posts and trying to get a feel for her but I love her mix of everyday life and thoughtful posts. Check out her most current tidbit of a Bush quote.



tara said...

You mustn't waste your time trying to get a feel for me. There is none. Just go with the flow, lovey, and enjoy the ride. ;)

Thank you ever so much!

Amanda said...

Well, thanks for the award! It completly caught me off guard. Thanks!

As for your blog, I would never leave. Even if you thing you are rambling, its still very interesting! Everyone goes through a patch where they can't think of what to say, so you are not alone gf!