Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well that was unexpected

So I went out to tackle the huge wall of snow at the end of my driveway and while I was out there, I decided to also clear Neighbor Man's area as well. Part of it was good will and part of it was a freaking hint to do a better job. While I was out there, maybe 45 minutes in, a truck with a snow blower in the back slows right down as it passes me. It turns and comes back around to where I am shovelling.

I suspected that the man was looking to do another driveway for a bit of money so I politely chatted with him for a minute. When he offered to go get his ramp so that he could take down his snow blower and give me a hand, I declined and used every excuse I could think of. I had no intention of paying anyone to do a job that I can do myself and I hate taking favors from anyone. I tried to tell him that I like the exercise, I don't mind, it's, really, it's ok! But he insisted and finished the job in no time.

I awkwardly continued to shovel the steps and stay out of his way and when he finally finished I tried to make my escape inside. It didn't work. He ended up inviting himself in for a glass of water and really after his help, how could I say no? So in he comes, we talk, he holds the baby, he hits on me and finally leaves. Seriously. The man was probably 40, which to tell you the truth is not even close to some of the age differences that I have experienced in the past. But um, weird.

He managed to find out that Im divorced, do not have a boyfriend, have four children, am 25, have a degree, the age difference of The Ex, I don't get out much, have lived in this house since September, what area I used to live in, my name, my field and I think that may be it. At first I didn't mind answering his questions because it's kind of the culture here to be in everyone else's business. The idea is to never share anything about yourself but to ask a million questions about the other person. Im not terribly interested in strangers though so I don't usually bother to play the game and I end up just telling them way too much info about me.

What a weird experience though. This guy wasn't giving up but eventually I told him I had to give the baby his lunch and off he went. To my surprise, there was no contact info exchanged either so I was off the hook. I expected him to give me a card or something using the snow blowing thing as a reason for contact, but he didn't and can I just say; whew! I was not interested but I have a really hard time actually coming out and saying that to people so instead I try to make sure there is no flirting back or anything that can even be considered flirting.

This isn't the first time that I've been outside shovelling away only to be 'rescued' by a man with a snow blower. Its funny how they see a woman taking care of something that she is perfectly capable of doing herself and they feel the need to swoop in and make it all better. I am a single mother and the last time I checked, I didn't need a man for much of anything. How the hell do I communicate that to strangers though? Do I just shut up and let them think they are saving me from having to do this horrible 'man chore?' I couldn't have declined his offer anymore than I did but Im at a loss as to what I could have done about it.

Hehehe, my brother just stopped by (Ross, for those of you who read my SIL) and while I was standing at the door the snow blower man drove past and honked his horn!

I think I just made a new friend...


Mommy Daisy said...

Well, a new friend and a little help is always nice. :D

Amanda said...

I'd react the same as you, try to decline, but don't want to be too direct. But, at least you have a new buddy and if he wants to help, so be it. Just be careful!

Kristi said...

Let's just hope this new friend shows up every time you need to shovel your driveway!

Astarte said...

Girlfriend, don't you EVER let a strange man in your house again!!!!!! Hello, you're a pretty young woman and alone in a house! I hope he's just a nice guy and not some freak fiend who's going to show up all the time now. Please, next time, tell the guy that you have an appointment and you're on your way out the door, please, please. You're such a sweetie pie, but be more careful!!!

Melissa said...

Buwhahaha, I was there :D

But to tell you the truth, I just think men try to use their snow blower for any reason! :D
Because even though the guy across the street has one and the one next door has one and dad has one they all help one another out. Hahaha, and if dad is gone and Morgan is shoveling alone they'll come by and snow blow it away! Us "Rockers" and our snow blowers b'y! Some proud, wha?!

But as for the 20 question game, gah! Weird.. knowing your alone =/ eek.
Come'n over more often miss so he see's good o'l Ross there, or your come here more :P LOL

Careful, that area is meh. xo