Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Is your life predictable?

Can you make a reasonable guess as to what you will be doing at say ten o'clock next Tuesday morning?

A couple of weeks ago I could tell you with a fair amount of accuracy that I would most likely have just laid Josiah down to nap, set up Michael and Chris with play doh on the coffee table and be sitting down myself to read blogs.

Now though? I have no freaking clue! Josiah's sleeping pattern is all over the place for one. He seems to think it is perfectly acceptable to stay wide awake until 3am and then sleep until noon (with occasional feedings, mind you). He cries all the time for various issues, the biggest one being his new chompers or maybe its his insistence on getting a hold of my boob rather than the formula I've been trying to cram into his mouth?

Rayden has been missing school so much that I got a call from his teacher today. Either there is a snow day, he's sick, my brothers cant pick him up, or some other freak happening keeps him from school. We try to keep up with his work at home but this kid is seriously forgetful and most of the time he doesn't even remember to bring home the right books. And its not as if having to spend an extra day with my kid is the issue, it's that his presence is not something that can be ignored. Rayden is like a little tornado wreaking havoc on every room that he enters. Both Michael and Chris are louder and extra boyish when Rayden is around. Play doh just doesn't happen and quiet time consists of much screaming and fighting coming from the upstairs bedrooms.

Personally I've been working on so many things that reading blogs has become something I only get a chance to do when my brain cant handle much else. Im usually either writing, reading something about healthier eating, watching a YouTube video from the weight loss community, trying to get some exercise time in, cooking, keeping my house at a new level of clean or working. Most of these things are obviously not all that important and can be fit in whenever I have the chance. But I hate living like that. I would prefer to have a set time for each thing in my day and I almost had that up until the last couple of weeks.

I know life is constantly changing and that's not really what Im talking about here. What is bothering me is the rhythm of each day needs to be at least somewhat consistent. We need to wake up and go to sleep at similar times each day and eat our meals on a schedule. When my bedtime can range from 10pm to 3am, that messes with me.

Like everything else, this will pass and we will be on a consistent schedule again. Until then, you'll understand why I might not comment on your lovely blogs. I read them all, believe me. I cant wait to see what Drew's furniture looks like, or maybe a picture of that blanket thing that I now cannot remember the name of. Grocery round ups always inspire me to find coupons and do better with saving money and OMG the possibility of a new niece/nephew? Squeeee!


Amanda said...

No problem about leaving comments. As long as I know you are around, that works for me! I so agree with you about a set schedule, it makes life so much easier.

As for Drew's furniture, I can't wait to see it all togther too. I hope this weekend we will have it put together, but we'll see how that schedule goes :)

Melissa said...

Aww Cherry! Love you, you don't have to post for me to know that you read :)
It is hectic for you more somedays that it is others, that's the joy of four boys! Your a trouper, you should be proud that you can do the things you do because seriously I don't know how you do it! I wouldn't be able to deal with all you do in a day. Hope it all gets easier for you soon! Because we all know you deserve it,
*hoping you get a lottery ticket fall in your lap and win big monies and a new car*
I feel weird lately that you and I haven't been talking as often as we used to. It's so strange it's been a long while. Talk to you later tonight!! xo Love!!!

Kristi said...

A schedule does make life so much easier to handle. I too would be a wreck if my bedtime flunctuated as much as yours sometimes does. And you're right, this will pass and everything will be normal again. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's sooner rather than later!

Astarte said...

Sometimes my life is so predictable, I can't stand it. But then, weird things get thrown in for awhile, and I'll remember to appreciate my routine. Ohm....